Spearheaded by King Youngblood, Macntaj, TezaTalks & Asterhouse, and their management and legal team, the Music Lives Here Project’s mission is to create opportunities for musical artists, venues, and fans to keep the relationship between venues, fans and performing musical artists alive during this pandemic crisis.


Social distancing to protect people is part of our music creative community’s reality for the foreseeable future.  Booking agents predict that tours, festivals, and overall live performance booking in venues may not resume significantly until 2021. The symbiotic relationship between venues, musical artists, and fans has been disrupted and requires innovative solutions now to maintain this important relationship and provide marketing opportunities for artists while preserving social distance safety precautions. 


The Music Lives Here Project develops virtual touring opportunities for venues and artists and their fans to make sure that some element of this symbiotic relationship can continue until social distancing is safely lifted.

What is Music Lives Here?

  • An opportunity for fans to stay connected with the artists they love via venue-specific virtual shows

  • A temporary substitute for physical touring that lets artists market somewhat as they would have when they go on tour – geographically targeted marketing and promotions, regional press and a focus on building fans beyond their home base, and radio interviews

  • Venues stay in the public eye and generate some income to help mitigate their enormous losses during this pandemic without devaluing the artist as a charity case.

  • Venues can still curate shows working with artists and their agents which gives more credibility to fans and consumers loyal to specific venues.

The Music Lives Here Virtual Touring Plan is simple.  

  • All performances are streamed either live or pre-recorded from the artist’s location – to assure full social distancing.

  • All performances include a live Q&A between artist and fans after the performance

  • Venues work with Artist representatives (agents, managers, artists themselves) to “book” the performances

  • All performances are booked at specific venues and the performances are branded with that venue and the streamed performances brand both the venue and the musical artist

  • Venues provide ticket links and social media marketing to their fan base and their usual press outlets

  • Artists also provide social media marketing, tour press promotions

  • Ticket prices can be fixed or suggested donations to mitigate financial losses artists and venues are struggling with creating a public awareness opportunity while bringing value to venue patrons

Technical Support

  • Broadcast online will use a streaming service such as,,,, and Zoom  systems for up to 1000 participating fans

  • Ticket sale companies such as Bandsintown, Eventbrite, and whatever ticket company the venues use will facilitate monetizing the virtual tours

  • Artists create their own live show with their own audio/video equipment and create whatever presentation they can to reflect an exciting compelling live performance while honoring the parameters of social distancing

  • The emphasis for artist presentations is to create as dynamic a show as possible to distinguish from the flood of “living room in front of the computer in pajamas” shows streaming during the Pandemic and create something special for fans.

ing special for the fans.

Distribution of Ticket Sales/Donations

  • Artists and venues will share ticket sale/donations after deducting mutually agreed on marketing costs

  • Fans will have the ability to donate more than ticket prices to help venues and artists mitigate their losses during this pandemic shut down period.

Board of Advisors

King Youngblood (Cameron Lavi-Jones, Hamoon Milaninia, Cory Cavazos), MacntajTezaTalksAsterhouse, Ever Kipp(Tiny Human PR), Janinne Brunyee (Sugarbird Marketing), Senator Lisa Wellman, Val Wolfe (senior agent APA Los Angeles), Dominic Pandiscia (Primary Wave), Karen Kane (AAF – Fiscal Sponsor), Phillip Peterson (producer, musician), Diana Dotter (Film Maker), Sarah Chu (Blue J Financial), Steve Corn (Digital Distribution, Streaming Technology & Publishing Expert), Jon Corn (Fan Development Specialist), Harris Francis (Music Industry Specialist), Cyril Neville (Artist), Omari Neville (Artist), Andrew Bishop (Brand Marketing and Film Maker), Lara Lavi (Entertainment Attorney & Manager), Adam Kasper (Record Producer), and Maurice Jones Jr. (Record Producer and Program Manager KVRU FM Radio Seattle).