Macntaj’s ascent to the throne takes you from the mean streets of Sacramento to wall street, and back. Equipped with the gift of a brilliant mind, Macntaj has always adapted and responded to his environment in pursuit of greatness. He struggled with the conformity of formal education, and the genesis of his life lessons came from responding to, and mastery of, his environment.

From day one, young Macntaj always beat the odds. As a boy, he was forced to abandon his childhood and become a man, where he would face a life of violence and trauma. Raised by a single mother and an older brother who was a frustrated boxer and would literally use young Macntaj as his own punching bag. He endured what could be called at best, benign neglect, and at worst, extreme torment. Instead of letting these experiences weigh him down and fester in his trunk and impede his success, he put these experiences into his tank, and they still fuel his relentless spirit. Macntaj has persevered and thrived at every turn, rather than succumb to the pain and the trauma he has endured, he has used his experiences to reach a higher plane.

Hungry for something different, after dropping out of high school Macntaj got his GED and then found himself as a cashier at Walmart. Seeing his innate brilliance and intellect, a Black banker took a fondness to Macntaj and recruited him to work in finance. When he was up for promotion to start trading stocks, the powers that be bet against him, “college kids are failing this test, so you should go in a different direction.” Never one to surrender, Macntaj was determined to succeed, and against all odds found himself passing several exams to become a securities broker. While in finance he learned that success in the game was simple, exposure to the right people and then the application of his brilliance. Surrounding yourself with people that have a different outlook and experience in the world, and then taking that and applying yourself was the secret to getting to the next level. Macntaj uses the same tools and techniques from the mean streets; collaboration, learning on the fly, beating the odds - all to create masterpieces in the booth.

They say that fortune favors the bold. Macntaj has lived a life of boldness and good fortune, and his music reflects both the hardships and the optimism that is characteristic of his incredible intellect and a huge heart. Macntaj is known as a brilliant mind with a sense of humor. Utilizing both to navigate in tough, dangerous, or intriguing situations. Underneath it all is a love for humanity in general, and for his city of Seattle in particular. Macntaj is a man of the people and shuns the political spotlight. His music reflects his life and is provocative with a patina of tragedy.

"Seattle artist Macntaj has been steadily dropping some of the best music videos in Hip Hop whether you know it or not."


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